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Hey-lo! I'm Alicia, and I love Ninja Turtles, Once Upon a Time, Avatar, Beauty and the Beast, One Piece, Disney, and anime. I cosplay, play video games, and write fan fiction. In other words, I'm pretty nerdy. XP I'm always up for making new friends, especially ones that love the same things I do. I also have a tumblr if you'd like to follow me. [pink mudkip].
Thoughts on Ninja Turtles Season 2 Finale [Spoilers]

Ok, so I just want to say that I thought the season 2 finale was so much better than the first season’s finale, and for multiple reasons.

First, the emotions seemed more real. You watch the turtles experience a range of emotions that they simply didn’t in the first finale. They try and make a crisis better by joking, but you can see they are absolutely terrified. Even Mikey, who always seems happy-go-lucky, is worried and upset but he puts the emotions of his brothers first, as is evident when he hugs Raph to calm him down. 

Second, Leo was an absolute badass. In both season finales he was hurt, and nearly killed in the first one, but in the second one his shell is cracked. He doesn’t give up, even when he is clearly outnumbered by strong opponents, and I was extremely impressed by how hard he pushed himself even though he was hurt and out of breath. In the sewers, he distracted the enemies so his brothers and April could escape, as that is the role a leader and older brother must sometimes play in a dire situation. My heart broke for him when he lay broken and battered before his brothers.

Third, Raph has come a long way. Being the hot head he is, he might’ve tried to take on all the Kraang that came at him during the invasion at one point, but he was smart enough to run away and find his brothers. Also, when Casey asked Raph if April talked about him, Raph immediately pointed out that Donnie likes her, while in the first season he scoffed at Donnie for doing so, claiming he probably didn’t have a shot with her. I am so proud of Raph for getting his emotions in check, and allowing Mikey to hug him when he was clearly distressed about losing Splinter.

Fourth, Leatherhead was awesome. Enough said.

And fifth, this entire episode just stirred up my emotions like no other episode has before. [Except for maybe the final episode with Metalhead, but even that episode didn’t tug as hard on my heartstrings like this one.] Watching Master Splinter be defeated while his sons and April screamed for him brought tears to my eyes. Leo being hurt had me covering my mouth in grief, and I freaked out when Donnie’s arm was injured. The brotherly moments between Raph and Mikey were heartwarming and yet so sad, and when Leatherhead fell into the ground after fighting Shredder I was saddened. I felt a bit of hope when Karai rescued her father, although she disappeared rather fast, and I almost cried when the Turtle Lair was destroyed. [Even the pinball machine being smashed broke my heart.]

The only complaints I have are towards April, who didn’t even give Donnie a chance to confess his feels for her, and who kept hugging all over Casey. It made me feel sick, to be honest. I still believe her and Donnie will be together, but now I have to admit I am a little worried that Casey will just ruin everything, and if he does my heart will be smashed to pieces.

Also, her dad was a useless piece of crap who should’ve acted more like a father instead of a two year old.

Oh, and the pizza boy rescuing the little girl was heroic and made me cheer quite loud!

That all being said, I absolutely loved the episode and would be more than happy to watch it again. I am so proud of how far my boys have come, and I only hope things will eventually get better for both them and Spinter. [And Hell, Karai too!]

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